All You Need to Know About 0x8002801c

Is your computer acting funny? You could have 0x8002801c, a serious bug that weakens the speediness and security of hundreds of thousands of computers across the world.

Indicators of the 0x8002801c Error

Are you worried about 0x8002801c? Do you think your Windows machine has the 0x8002801c bug? Look at the following list of symptoms to see if they seem familiar:

  • Performance problems
  • Long load times
  • Strange errors
  • Sluggish performance when swapping between programs
  • Programs take more than 30 seconds to launch
  • Slow internet
  • Intrusive pop-up error messages when browsing the internet
  • Computer just isn’t working like it should

Reasons Why 0x8002801c is Harmful

If your PC has 0x8002801c, then you need to take urgent action against the error. 0x8002801c isn’t the kind of PC issue that’s going to go away on its own. You need to remove it as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your computer. Sometimes, 0x8002801c can be mostly innocent: it only causes minor slowdowns. In virtually all cases, unfortunately, 0x8002801c reveals itself to be a dangerous PC problem.

Here are some of the reasons to uninstall 0x8002801c from your computer right away:

  • Monitors everything you do on your internet browser, including banking info and more
  • Degrades PC performance to a point where you can hardly use it for regular PC tasks
  • Weakens your PC’s defenses against other bugs

Don’t forget: 0x8002801c will never solve itself from your PC. You have to take steps to get rid of it.

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Solving the 0x8002801c error

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Online Curated 0x8002801c Information

This data is automatically sourced from third parties to provide additional information. In case of any discrepancies, refer to the other sections of this article as authoritative.

A variety of solutions can repair the error. Fixing scrrun.dll Error manually is a hard process and it’s not recommend if you aren’t a master in this subject. Though the error has a lot of effects, its primary effect is slowing down your PC. It’s possible your GXOFFICE2.DLL error might be caused by means of a PC malware in your PC. An error was detected and Windows was shut down to reduce damage to your system. Knowing the source of the dilemma is half the battle won when it has to do with fixing the error.

To prevent more damage and bad effect you have to correct this error immediately. Click here comply with the actions to fix and associated errors. When trying to fix the registry error it’s ignored and not fixed.

You are able to download it without an issue. This dilemma has puzzled some Windows users for a considerable long period will be solved here. Please comment below if you’re still facing the exact same issue. In such circumstance, you can have an issue running the program or utilizing the computer properly.

You are able to repair your shell32.dll problem by downloading the right shell32.dll file. Should you not own a hardware problem, among the methods explained within this post will address your problem. If that’s the case, you’ve got a hardware issue.

How to Remove 0x8002801c Manually

Want to remove 0x8002801c yourself?
Obviously, manual removal isn’t the smartest option for all Windows users, so ensure you’re familiar with Windows before you read through the processes below:

Pick a System Restore Point

Your PC may have a previous restore point you can use to back up your PC to an older date and time before you had the 0x8002801c problem. Open System Restore by typing System Restore onto the Start menu, then view a list available system restore points.

Check Online for the Name of the Problem

If you’re having issues with 0x8002801c, then you’re probably not alone. At least one other person on the internet has experience with 0x8002801c. A quick Google and you could find an easy removal step by step tutorial.

Find a Local Repair Technician in your Town

Local tech support professionals can be expensive, but they may be able to fix your problem as fast as possible.

Call an Internet-based Technician

You can find a number computer repair companies based on the internet. These services establish a remote connection with your PC, then remove 0x8002801c over this connection. We personally recommend Advanced Tech Support for their friendly personnel and rockstar system repair capabilities.

Manually Write Over the Registry

This process only works well if you’re working with just one registry entry. Otherwise, you’ll spend days adjusting hundreds of registry entries. It just doesn’t make sense.| You can edit the Windows Registry at any time by typing “regedit” into the Command menu. From here, you can scan through tens of thousands of registry entries to pick one that is responsible for 0x8002801c.

Advanced Users Only

Are you an experienced Windows expert? If you don’t have lots of experience repairing computers or solving tech issues, then attempting the techniques above could be a stupid idea. Manual removal is often dangerous and takes a lot of time.

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Fixing Common PC Errors

PC errors are common in many personal computers which have stood through a long period of use. There are lots of Windows OS errors that could happen to the computer. A few of these you can leave for a couple of weeks before fixing, while most of the errors require fixing immediately. Such errors will get worse if they are left unrepaired for quite a while.

If the registry contains corrupted files which affect the system, the damaged system file won’t be able to execute commands to other links. Manually eradicating unnecessary files and using the best tools at the same time are advised if you know how to repair the issue by yourself. However, employing professionals is a good idea if you cannot fix the Windows system by yourself. Some of the common Windows OS errors are pointed out below.

Missing DLLs

When you’re launching a software that has missing files, error will probably happen. This is caused by unintentionally moving important DLL files from the app’s folder. You need to un-install and re-install the application if the lost file won’t be located manually.

Unknown Error

Windows OS may experience many unknown problems. Fixing a few of these errors can be done by renaming some files or restarting your PC. This also occurs when the Windows Update was disrupted. The issue won’t occur again by searching for resolution of the problem online immediately.

Request Timed Out

When executing a ping command, this issue will likely occur. This problem happens because of various reasons. Commonly it’s due to incorrect IP address, lost connection, or wrong configuration. To find and repair the issue, you can start by trouble shooting the errors.


There are errors which are hard to repair with some simple clicks only like the Blue Screen of Death. The Windows system will be blue and full of codes if the error is handled by a seasoned technician.

These days, there are special software which handle system cleanup, repair and maintenance to cope with several problems. Although amateur skills aren’t enough to solve the errors, these errors can be prevented from taking place again. Through maintenance, these system errors could be fixed before they cause worse problems.