And it’s as simple as it can be! Windows 10 build 14986 probably the biggest preview build of the operating system that Microsoft has ever released. Speaking in terms of new features, that is.

But this version that came out the door after a break of almost three weeks, is not without its problems.

Problems relating to installation, as many users are having issues downloading the build. Apparently, the progress bar gets stuck at 0% for several hours, eventually resulting in an error code 80240031. The company acknowledged the issue and went looking for a workaround for those affected.

And it seems that they have found it, too.

The solution, as Microsoft notes is quite straightforward.

Affected users are advised to simply run a troubleshooter that is available for download from the company. This little tool reverts the machine to a clean update state. As stated:

“This tool performs a number of actions which will get you back to a clean update state. You will need an active internet connection to download this tool and to re-download build 14986 as needed. Once the tool has completed, return to the Settings panel and re-scan for updates. 14986 should download as expected.”

The team also notes that anyone that edited their registry keys as a workaround for the error are only looking at more issues in the future if they do not revert them back to the original values — as they impact the ability of that particular system to receive future updates.

Looks like this simple tool is the best way around the installation issues for build 14986.

Download it from here.