Currently, there are several ways that help you to activate your illegal upgraded operate system. However, this is not good in case your want to use this operate system in a long time.

What can we do when having troubles with activating Windows 10 process?
Some error notifications

There is only one method for you to get the free copyright is upgrading directly from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 ( Genuine Windows). With this method, the old operate system copyright will be moved to the completed operate system called ‘digital entitlement’.
Once your computer has the digital entitlement, you can set up many versions of the OS without worrying about the copyright, so when you upgrade your PC from copyrighted Windows 7/8 to Windows 10, it’s not necessary for you to write the Product key, or anything else related to copyright. All the activating process are done automatically.
Thus, if you are wondering about copyright when you upgrading your PC/laptop, you should choose one from these 3 choices:
– Upgrading to Windows 10 directly from Windows Update.
– Run the function ” Upgrading this PC now ” from operate system upgrading support tool from the web:
– Make the setting USB with Windows 10 Media creation tool and run setup.exe file right on the current operating system to upgrade.
If the activating process has troubles with errors notifications, you can follow these steps to activate manually by your phones.

Note the code “ Installation ID” ( the long code) to provide in case you’re asked.

Press the key combination Windows + R or go to Start Menu -> Run
– Type “slui.exe 4” to open the Windows activating interface.
– Select the national code -> choose the phone line( you should choose the number which has the note “Toll free” )
– Note the code “ Installation ID” ( the long code) to provide in case you’re asked.
– Call the number that Microsoft has provided to take the confirmation ID which includes 8 number groups and insert at step 3. Finally, click on Activate. We have finished. If you have any questions, please let us know by leaving your comments in the box below. We are glad to see your feedback! Thank you