The fact that huge technology companies in the world sometimes sneer at each other is not so surprising.
Yesterday, many fans of Microsoft were extremely surprised because Apple replaced the Windows logo on Icloud by a window icon which is too monotonous, far different from the beauty of Windows 10.

Apple mocks Microsoft’s Windows logo on iCloud
The ugly icon of Microsoft Windows on iCloud

Many fans commented that this logo is “extremely ugly”, especially when it was designed by Apple. They questioned that why Apple could design such an ugly logo like that? Apple has not explained the reason of their action, but lots of people consider that this company meant to do that. And it is a sneering issue.

Huge technology companies in the world sometimes sneer at each others. This issue between Microsoft and Apple is not so surprising. We can find a similar story in the past. Two years ago, when Apple released iPhone 5s, at the same time Microsoft also released a series of sneering videos that mocked Iphone 5s and 5c. These videos imitated the conferences of Apple. Microsoft ridiculed the designing style with multiple color which they considered seemingly copying their Lumia. However, those videos were strongly criticized because of the hidden face appearance of CEO Steve Jobs (passed away in 2011).

Microsoft had to delete them just a few hours after publishing. But in reality, with the running of CEO Satya Nadella, Apple and Microsoft has had a better relationship. At the event introducing iPhone 6s, CEO Tim Cook invited the representative of Microsoft to introduce Office 2016 package, which operates well on Ipad pro with Apple Pencils.

It is clear to see that the collaboration will help both to gain more benefits, in stead of being against each others. 

What do you think about Apple using a window icon over the Windows logo? Do you find it humourous? Let us know what you think by giving your comments below.