The familiar Start menu, which is one of the biggest draws of tech giant Microsoft’s new Windows 10 platform, is back to the newest operating system with great improvement. Now, you can access quickly almost everything you need right from there such as live tiles and power controls, recently-opened documents, apps and settings. In addition to providing a fast access  to a range of common functions, the Start menu is used by the Redmond-based company to offer users app suggestions that seem to be just a friendly word for “ads”.

When you click on a suggested application, the Windows Store page opens and you can download it.

These ads have been seen in Windows 10 build 10547 but not (yet) been available on Stable versions of Windows 10. And while some PCs are invaded with these app suggestions, others don’t display any app recommendations.
disable ads in windows 10 start menu
Many users may see ads displayed in their default start menu of Windows 10. Fortunately, these app suggestions can be disabled easily.

Although the option to show recommendations in the Start menu is enabled by default, fortunately you can disable it without installing a third-party alternative. Following are steps that you can take to turn off these ads in your Windows 10 Start menu. Let’s check it out.

Step 1: In the Start menu, click on the Windows-key and choose Settings to open the Settings app of the Windows 10 operating system

Step 2: Navigate to Personalization and tap on  Start. You will see 4 preferences: Show more tiles – Occasionally show suggestions in Start – Show most used apps – Show recently added apps. Flip the switch of the preference “Occasionally show suggestions in Start” to off to disable the apps.

Then you can come back to the start menu to see the suggested listing removed from it. If ads are invading your Windows 10 Start menu and they make you annoyed, hope those two easy steps above work for you!