page has just posted some photos of two applications Music and Video which are developed in the form of Universal App on a tablet running Windows 10 .

Windows 10 for tablets
A tablet running on Windows 10

Both applications have the same interface as Windows 10 version on phones. The song and video can now be managed in the directory, the video is displayed with thumbnail images and the search bar at the upper make it more convenient.

Control bar is brought down below the screen and is separated from the main interface. In addition, a new button appears on the control bar as magnifying glass button can be set zoom, the next rectangular button can be used to adjust the frame rate. In the pictures we can see only 2 application interface display screen mode vertical (portrait), so the interface layout and location of other nodes can be used in horizontal screen.

The interface of the two applications is quite simply because this is the first version. However, we can visualize the layout application and search operation, open the music, video.